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NIKE ZOOM FLY Review: some of the best TRIATHLON SHOES to go fast

This Nike Zoom Fly review covers the topic of whether or not they’re the best triathlon shoe around or if they’ve even a good triathlon runner. Triathlon Taren likes the Nike Zoom Fly for triathlon running but cautions against some of the potential drawbacks.

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Hi, what is your favorite all rounder shoe?

Yeah T-man! Great review, I’m convinced to go buy them on my next round of running shoe purchases

I used these in 2018 for my first ever half maatathon without even breaking them in. With 200km of training I did 1:31 as a vet with no adverse effect. Since then bought two more pairs. Black and cargo khaki. The resin plate literally pushes you forward.

I got mine for 75

I got the Nike Zoom Fly SP for $10 because they were for $50 but I had a $40 gift card so I got them for $10 in a Nike outlet.

Just got some. $64. thank you for the review.

I am not a marathon runner at all, however I tend to do HIIT training most days. Would these shoes be suitable for me?

Hey Taren, do i get it right? you recommend this kicks also for sprint/olympic distances? Seen them in a local shop for half the price..Greets from germany!

Why is that man’s caption always 3rd person?

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