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New Swim Spa Setup: SO MUCH more dialled in!

New Swim Spa Setup. After trying the MasterSpas Swim Spa for a couple weeks, the Pain Cavern has had some issues with humidity and splashing, so here are some solutions to have the best triathlon swim training experience while keeping the room clean and dry

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I am a fan of triathlon and race, YouTube has been feeding Taren’s videos here and there. But when I saw the swim spa stuff, I lost all interest. It is gratuitous. First, you know the only reason he has this is sponsor/advertising. Second, these things start at $25,000 to $30,000 U.S. I am sure he has good videos, but the swim spa stuff really turned me off. You are losing connection because few of any followers are going to have this.

Looks great! I would put the dehumidifier on the floor… easier to empty.

badass setup man. nice work making that pain cave.

Endless pool is much better

Just wow and the patience to do all that. Well done

How many swim workouts could Taren have completed in the time he spent setting this thing up?

This is such bad advertisement for that swim spa. Why would someone want to go through all that trouble when there are other options. The thing doesn’t even have adequate speed settings.

Air outside is totally dehumidified, you also have a variety of windows and doors and you bought a dehumidifier that is doing the same thing for more money. Split AC is not working because the heat exchanger of”cheap” ones are unable to work around/bellow 0 °C

Wow that is way too much work for that thing! in my humble they’re really expensive. I’m sure you were given it or got a discount. You’re already a good swimmer. Being in your 50 meter pool is the way to go

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