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My favourite triathlon equipment of 2018

This is my favourite triathlon equipment over 2018 including the best triathlon bike, the best triathlon socks, the best action camera, the Oura ring, and many more items of triathlon gear.

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Isn’t the Canyon aeroad more than half the price?

Hey Taren…..sorry to be a pain but you might need to include a flag that this video contains paid product placement if you received any sponsorship or free products from any of these recommendations.

“hey, he is only showing products from his sponsors….” you can’t blame people for being suspicious or feel mislead by you when you only show your sponsored stuff. But at the end of the day I cant blame you.

I only check in on your channel occasionally and wanted to say good job on your lighting in this video. Your videos are getting better and better!!!

Please do a full review on the oura ring

Excellent video Taren! it’s really cool to watch some of these recent videos than compare to the earlier ones and see how much you’ve improved on the quality, conciseness, etc. much more enjoyable. (don’t worry I won’t mention your acting classes here), but I digress. thanks for filling in a HUGE gap we triathletes kinda new it was there but no one has ever bothered to capture and share so much intel in the formats that you do! Best YouTube Channel of 2018 hands down! and off to a great start in 2019 😉

great video

just checked ventum bikes. i am not saying anything technical about them. but…they are too expensive. you can get canyon at much lower price and i would go for canyon any day.

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