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Jake and Amir: Triathlon

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Comments (10)

Amir was shitting on Cosby before it went viral

is that a virtual boy in the background?

these guys are quite funny

The whole joke of Amir not able to wear a shirt properly is hilarious to me….the way Jake reacts at the end is just too funny. Amir’s face with his shirt over his nipples is just too much

CountUrBlessings 117

Welp that bill cosby joke didnt age well lmao.

Paul Fuoco-Binette

Someone made the decision to cut right after Jake’s “it’s halfway!”. Kudos to them.

Shitting on Bill Cosby – I’ll tip to that.

Amir was shitting on Bill Cosby before it was cool

How did they change shirts so fast, from Beeper

Deer Sucker should be a nickname for Paw Paw. Band of Boobs!

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