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Ironman Training is The Hardest Training I’ve Ever Done

Ironman Training is The Hardest Training I’ve Ever Done in preparation for Challenge Roth. With the hardest and heaviest triathlon training plan I’ve ever done, my fitness is also at the highest it’s ever been but will this improvement, along with an increase in fatigue, be enough to succeed at my first full length triathlon race?

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There’s absolutely nothing sketchy about a man wearing black neoprene and a purple cap getting into the river underneath a highway overpass! It just your friendly neighborhood Triathlon Taren!

Please don’t swim alone!

Hi Taren, I am a huge fan, but I must post a observation and concern on your recent video. This has nothing to do with your content, which is always well thought through and presented professionally. However, with a large following now you need to always set an example for those whom are watching your videos, and as such safety needs to remain paramount. So when I watched you biking from your car to your swim start and noticed the lack of a helmet, I was quite disappointed. Of course the choice is yours to wear a helmet or not, but with a growing audience I believe there is a greater obligation as a role model to ensure safety is always put first. It only take one mishap to end up falling off your bike and ending up with a serious head injury. With so many people enjoying your content and following your advice, you have a great opportunity to bring awareness and promote helmet safety. I sure wouldn’t want to see a newbie to the sport, using their go pro and riding without a helmet, even if it’s only a short distance, having a misadventure then never being able to enjoy the sport again. All due to the perceived inconvenience of using a helmet for a short ride from point A to point B

TT! How do you not suffer ITBS from the running loads??

Hey mate, just a quick one but what are your thoughts on alcohol?? I’m a pretty heavy consumer once or twice a week and have cut it for a month, so am interested to see your thoughts on its effects.

So Taren here goes a question for you. Am I overtraining when I’m racing only short course (olympic, sprint and XC triathlons) and putting in as much as 18 hours a week with fair portion (up to 50 %) being really hard and intense efforts?

Good luck from sunny Scotland! You’ll do great!

Not only that, and it would be nice if you come on this topic later: The quality of the rest. I started training harder since January and I was doing like 10 hrs weeks: 3 to 4 1 hr swims, 1 spinning class and 1 long bike ride on weekends, 1 run session and 1 brick session (45 min aprox) and a couple of functional training sessions in between. I recently moved to my new house and sleept on a inflatable mattress for like 2 months. Worst decision ever. I had to cut my weeks to the swim sessions and maybe 1 or 2 other workouts. My lower back was in real pain. I got a new mattress and within a couple of weeks I’m feeling so much better.

Good Luck Taren at the Ironman. Excited to hear about it!!!

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