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Ironman Kona: How to race in heat

Ironman Kona: How to prepare for the Kona heat. A chat on the main stage at the Ironman Expo with Mike and Ben from Master Spas and a chat with Paul Larson from The Plews and Prof on what triathletes should do to get their bodies heat adapted to prepare for Ironman Kona.


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Stalin thought that plants adopt to their environment, thousands dead.

I went to the big island for a day and bought a coffee farm. Classic.

On the pro sheet!


The masterspa part of this video was bad on all levels. No relation to the video’s title. Just clickbait. Very poor! Sorry to say this.

Flow Bottle?

Just move to Kona. Ask NTK

I know you can do it… Just sayin…

Is it just me or has Taren changed from a humble age grouper just like any one of us, who trained hard and talk about setback and adversities, to someone who just tried to say nice things to get sponsors and free stuff, rub shoulders with elite pro-triathletes and name drops all the time in almost every recent videos, acting like they are best friends? This dude has changed as the channel grows and he’s no longer the Taren I used to look up to, but I understand business is business and this is what he does to make a living, oh well.

Most ecperienced ultra mararathoners tend to say that when racing in heat, cold drinks intake is the worst idea of all. As odd as it may seem. What’s the logic behind it? When you drink cold liquids, what your body first does in order to digest them is to heat them up. And this proces of heating, well, produces heat as a by product. So what you actually achieve, is exactly oposite to cooling down. Yes, your subjective feeling is the one of relief (cold Coke after a workout in heat…. My bad and unhealthy habit). But you are then actually doing yourself harm.
Cold should applied externally. Best place: armpits, where big arteries are. And The head, obviously.

So much envy about the poolspa… The pool swimming logistics ceirtanly ARE a pain in the bum.

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