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Ironman Kona Cribs: Lucy Charles Barclay

Pro Triathlete Lucy Charles-Barclay takes you on a tour of her house at the Ironman Hawaii World Championship for 2019. Lucy Charles shows her gym, her Specialized Shiv triathlon bike, her fridge, her bedroom and closet, and the entire coffee plantation they’re staying at.

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nice vlog thx Taren

Muffins? Hope Andy Potts wasn’t listening.

What is the portable Swim Jet Machine???

This is a freak’in professional (and fun!) documentary, Taren. Unbelievable to what level this channel evolved.

Perfect swimmers body

Pity they couldn’t find a nice place.

Александр Забелин

Awesome idea with this MTV-style cribs. Want to see most of the top pros like this!

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