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I Fasted for Five Days, Here’s What Happened

I Fasted for Five Days, Here’s What Happened. Using the fast mimicking diet for 5 days during a rest period and measuring calorie intake, weight, blood glucose levels and HRV in an attempt to lose weight and improve triathlon training and performance.


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Are you fasting when you’re consuming calories?

Did I miss something? I didn’t see the results of the Omega 3 inflammation test??

Stay healthy Taren. Triathlon’s future depends on you. Thank your for the contents you are putting up. Very informative.

Love the videos Taren, but we need to definitely change the Video Title. When I “Fast” (as I am sure many others do), we dont consumers ANY calories except for Black Coffee or Tea. Eating and drinking 800-1200 calories a day isnt fasting at all, not even close. I would just update the title to “Major calorie restriction for 5 days and my results”. Keep up the good work.

@03:27 I think one of the dogs produced about 2,000 calories of output 🙂

Very good video Taren, thanks!

How much do you do through the day?? Do u go out a lot of keep it low actives?? Sleepy?? Mood??

C’mon man. Fasting? Eating 800 calories? Eating mct oil, eggs, protein powder, potatoes & soup?!? Fasting? That’s not what you did.

From experience doing a 7 day water zero calorie fast, it’s way easier to just go without food for that period. And I was able to keep doing aerobic training.


Its not fast when you are eating calories lmao.

Good video, although not what I expected when I saw the title. I also have an unhealthy relationship with feeling satiated, but since starting intermittent fasting I’m much more in control.

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