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How to train for Kona

How to train for Kona including how to prepare for the angle of the waves and current during the swim, how to train to be strong and stable through the strong sidewind on the bike course and how to control heart rate and pace in the extreme head during the race portion of the Kone Ironman World Championship.


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Flutter kick
Sweat rate
Absorbable elecro forms
Contra-lateral stability training bike
Train keto race mixed
Use glycerin in water for dehydration
Run with power

This guy’s name dropping is getting old. Hey “I” rode with Cam Wurf, heres Patrick Lange, me and Lucy Charles are best friends etc. Just video them training. You are unrepeatable to beginner triathletes now. You get all kinds of free shit now.

What does age grouper spend to do this race? Appears hardest part is plane, hotel, food,etc. racing is easy.

You can shed 10 to 15 pounds just by going low on the carbs (100g carb per sedentary day + a sensibly low amount for exercise) and make almost all of the carbs that you do eat fruit and veggies (including high-carb veggies like potatoes and sweet potatoes). That’s not ketosis low, but low enough to keep insulin in check, and therefore bring more overall balance to hormones.

Fun to watch a fresh low carb amateur attempt to hang with with fully doped pros. If you were genetically blessed and started your drug and steroid regiment 10 years ago, you would be the best amateur curler in Canada.

The number on the scale for someone in your healthier situation doesn’t reflect much more than a number. I am sure there is a lab you can go to and get your body compo done so you can see if there is a reason to actually be concerned

Jose Carlos Gonzalez Chavero

great video !!!!!! Thanks a lot for all the insight !! Regards from Mexico

Really cool how open you are at the end, respect. sometimes it helps me to hear me say things I know I need to hear from me.. lol

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