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How to preclip cycling shoes for triathlon.

What’s up! Learn how to pre-clip your shoes for triathlon. If you liked, consider leaving a like. If you love to cycle check out our indoor cycling series!

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Having trouble posting comments & additions to the video so I’m leaving some comments here. Hopefully you guys get this.

@hazardousranger30 Not sure where I slowed down? I had the fastest time in T1 at nationals in Kelowna Canada summer 2011, not bragging just saying that it’s fast. http://tinyurl.com/83f39xz search for Brendan Robertson.

@ErwinvanderWerve Putting on the shoes in T1 V.S. on the bike can be a race day call. If you’re running across gravel to the mount line put shoes on first to avoid being cut up. If you run across grass or pavement to mount, leave shoes on bike. Also I am biking right away as I peddle with my feet on top of the shoes.
You will always run faster barefoot to the mount line than in bike shoes (except maybe on gravel).

@BungaMelatti I am almost sprinting when I hop on my bike. I don’t do the large leg swing over the back that you are talking about as it is dangerous and doesn’t give you the push to get going as well as this. If you are talking about going over the front it’s not as dangerous, but you don’t get the push.

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thanks for posting.. i will try this out sometime soon

Thanks I have cycling shoes/ no loop on the back. This vid gives me an alternative for going through the loop. Everything is easy when U know how.

I enjoyed this video.

I have been watching transition “how to” vids and actual triathlons and this is the first one that actually showed the full setup, mount, securing of the shoes, and exiting of the shoes.  Much appreciated!

Great video! I just made the transition to clipin shoes and will try this for my next triathlon. This might be a dumb question but please bare with me: What happens to the rubber band once you start pedaling? Does it fall off? Is there any risk of getting tangled anywhere on the bike?

MTB shoes rules

Thanks for this video Brendan – really helpful.

Głōwìńg Aštërōìd

Thank you!!

OR get a Tri specific shoes and make this trick easier.

Thanks for this helpful video !

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