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How to Not Look Like a Beginner Triathlete Before Your First Race

How to Not Look Like a Beginner Triathlete Before Your First Race. Basic tips to help first time and beginner triathletes get to their race feeling confident and help make your race more enjoyable, and make you feel like you fit in.

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Also…. remove the dork disc, aka that piece of plastic behind the cassette. They’re fugly.

I had a cancer removed from my forehead in 2012. I do take an extra minute or 2 for sunscreen on transition.

Don’t forget to take your helmet off before heading out on the run!

Race Pace Masters Swimming

Swim cap on sideways screams newb

Krzysztof Kajetanowicz

Don’t picnic in transition is probably my #1. Incredible that people would actually hurry on the swim, hurry on the bike, hurry on the run, but perform dozens of reduntant activities in transition. Most could afford to bike 1 km/h slower and end up with the same total time if they got their shit together in T1 and T2.

Also, don’t wear a Trainiac Kit. =P

Sunday is my first triathlon, all your videos have helped me feel ready for the day. Looking forwards to it.

Just bought the Xterra for $106 including shipping and handling

I’m doing IM Florida. I have a sleeveless wetsuit but I noticed in a lot of videos people are wearing like g sleeves. Do I need long sleeves?

Remove the dork disc from the rear cassette!

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