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How to Get Over Post Race Depression Without Ruining Your Recovery

How to Get Over Post Race Depression Without Ruining Your Recovery. Tips to avoid feelings of depression after a triathlon including post race recovery, training and improving based off of the race performance. Also, how triathletes can begin planning and preparing for their next race.

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That’s some truth right there.

Great vlog TT, definitely a topic not discussed enough. Looking to meeting you in my home turf in NJ in September!

I am so happy to hear you will be competing in Ironman Atlantic City 70.3!! Will you be having another Traniac Meetup? Would love to go and join if so! Thank you for all that you do to motivate me and so many others. So happy to hear you’ll be racing that day!

Gonna b awesome to see u there

That’s my third race of the year!!!! #teamtrainiac

Thanks tbird ..been though some post events ..

You must be a Canadian, as I heard from your accent. BTW, you videos are awesome.

Great video TT

Sebastian Alexandru Necula

What about Super League Triathlon Ottawa? Are you not doing it anymore? You were saying it last year that you will do it.

See you in AC!!!

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