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Here are tips for how to perform the triathlon swim kick technique properly without running out of breathe while swimming, getting tired during the triathlon swim, and execute your triathlon swimming kick properly during triathlon training.

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I have such a hard time NOT breathing in partially through my nose when using a snorkel, big problem haha

Where is the link to the fins?

You mean, stationary torso ONLY during kick drills, right? Because I should have a torso spin during a regular front crawl, right?

Love the dummy behind you in the intro.

Good job being anatomically correct! 🙂 How can I help you to come for training/race camp in Finland? 🙂 For example Challenge Turku -race you swim basically in museum in Aura -river – next to historical sail/war ships 🙂 It’s beautiful and athmospheric race! And I can accomodate you in Tampere at Cottage 😉 With or without training partner(s) 🙂 there’s even a tredmill in my paincave there, with a view to a lake! 😀 (genuine offer) 😉

Video request: How do you use your watch during your swim sets?

So what do you recommend to get the but cheeks up other than flippers, no matter what I do they always sink

I’ll work on these

Best advice I got for keeping my feet from sinking was ‘Suck in your gut like you are trying to put your belly button on your spine’. Do you put any emphasis on going pigeon toed and rolling your ankle, pronation I think…. Got this tip from a swim site, and it helped take almost 30 seconds off of a lap of flutter kicking. Some of that time lost was due to working a lot and focusing on the crack the whip action of the kick. While a lot of swimmers focus on the down kick, if you focus on the up side of the kick, the sole of your foot can generate a surprising amount of thrust. By working both up and down, the action reciprocates, and you generate more thrust with less work.I keep my kick board sideways in front of me, and down under the surface maybe 6 inches. I am a swimmer, not a tri person, but like your channel….

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