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A handful of pro triathletes have been caught for performance enhancing drugs in 2017, and recently Lance Armstrong has been making a comeback see Lance Armstrong Comeback video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf5ahIfxlDk&t=25s
while Chris Froome has been caught with high levels of banned substances in his blood. Triathlon Taren discusses how much use of performance enhancing drugs is prevalent in pro and amateur racing.

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Love everyone saying that it isn’t banned. This is exactly the genius strategy that puts Froome in a grey area where it’s harder to nail him

As said by others it wasn’t a banned substance. I wouldn’t be so assured triathlon is clean nor can it’s ‘cleaness’ easily be compared to other sports. Cycling has a dirty name, but testing in triathlon is nowhere near the level it is in other sports.

I am sure timex loves being on the thumbnail of this video…….

1:25 so funny ^^

What’s going on with your right inner leg that I can see from time 3:15-3:30?

Watch Icarus on Netflix – no words needed!! I do think doping in the age group ranks are way higher than the Pros having said that.

great start: one option is not doping… but not FIRST CHOICE, apparently

It’s not a “thing” or a “question”, it’s just a fact. And if one thinks differently, then obviously he/she have not tried to compete at a top level in ANY sport above very amateur level competition. There is hard doping in every top 3 to top 10 places in any competition starting from medium levels. There are sports however where huge experience (and I mean like 15-20+ years) can give You Top 3, sometimes even a win given that there isn’t a second athlete with simply more experience or the same experience but PEDing or little less experience (let’s say 5-7 years) and PEDing 😛 It’s just not a “maybe” anymore, it’s a reality. And PRO athletes are 95% 10+ years experience + PEDing or 5% massive experience (20+ years) and natural (but only few disciplines where very young age doesn’t matter that much). The fact that someone has not been caught is normal because PED’s can be masked or flush out of one’s system pretty easily. And those who were caught made mistakes during this process or their body reacted differently to a protocol (that cannot be predicted by any doctor), nothing more, nothing less. So LET’S FACE THE TRUTH!

Marcus Maher - Triskellion Films

You must read my article on doping in triathlon, I can send it to you if you like. Nearly 20 years of experience.
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Not immune? Must be kidding, the tri athletes are the most juiced athletes out there. Cyclists are doped too, but they’re not even remotely close to tri athletes, I’d say, nobody does cause they’re number one in that category

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