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How I Became a Professional Triathlete

Hey kids. I hope you enjoy learning more about how I transitioned from D1 athletics to the professional triathlon world…

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Omg I am Barbadian!!

Could you make a video about how to become a better athlete in high school? I know tons of people including myself, who love to do sports (triathlons and cross country skiing) and want to become professionals but since in high school we are at the “back of the pack” we don’t feel like it is attainable to reach that level.

Yes please make more tri videos!!!

What was your 100 free and 500 free time when you sent her the videos?

appreciate this

What swim time were you trying to make? Have you reached it yet?

Why do kid triathletes always ignore the bike leg. The bike is my best of the 3 and I always out ride them all without effort which means they have to run their arses off.

Love your videos

Is there something like that for running or marathons?

Great vedio and also motivated everyone

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