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Hoka One One Carbon X Review & Nike 4% Comparison

Hoka One One Carbon X Review & Nike 4% Comparison. A review of the Hoka One One Carbon X running shoe including how it performed during triathlon run training, both on a long run and speed work, as well as what kind of triathlete this shoe is recommended for. Also, how it compares to the Nike 4% which also has a carbon plate in the sole, but rings in at a higher price tag.

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So you recommended the Hoka for shorter races and general running. Im hearing if you can afford the 4% for Ironman or longer distance races go for it. My question is what shoe is for distance training? Nice cushion, support and will hold up for 300 miles or so?

I’m 212 and a wide foot but my race pace is 5:00k/m. What one do you recommend. I’m working on getting my race pace to 4:30. Thanks.

Daily train with Hoka’s, if you can afford the Nike 4% save it for races (do to the short life)

Next% is $250, not $300 US

The biggest complaint of the 4% has been the width and lack of ankle support

Can you do a review of the zoot carbon shoes?

Can you do a video on you home gym set up and what you advise is a good set up for cycling running,S&C etc?
Greetings from Ireland

How can you run in such high heals?

TT, do you by chance wear a US size 12.5??? I wouldn’t mind taking some of those trial shoes and giving you my thoughts LOL! I’m literally right on your “borderline” for 190lb weight and 5:30/km pace LOL… I’m 186lbs and 4:40/km LT…

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