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Full Day of Triathlon Training // Winter Training

It’s been a long time coming and way too long since our last ‘Training Day’ video. But, here it is. At the minute I’m in the process of getting back into my training and looking forward to a solid winter before next season.

In this video you get to see where I train, what a normal day looks like and what sort of sessions I do. I hope you enjoy the video. We get lots of interest in these videos so please comment below if you’d like to see more in the future.

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See you in the next one!
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When you were a junior did you compete in the British super series?

Great video! Footage getting better and better:)

I nearly unsubscribed after your pathetic pizza eating display, but you redeemed yourself by chugging that smoothie. Kudos.

Incredible video! Nice to see another day in a life!

Saucy sauce + poached egg + toast + guacamole = heaven

I do enjoy this vlog format. It’ll be good to have both Chris’ type of video and yours too.

What are your current stats ? I.e weight height ect..

What sort of volume do you do as a triathlete, the three training sessions every day due to your conditioning or do you have rest days…

Would be nice to see your training plan as a insight.

Thanks for the video. Just found the channel. I just started my marathon training and vlogging my weekly progress. Videos like this are motivation. Cheers!

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