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Full Day of Triathlon Training | Ironman Frankfurt Preparations

I’m taking you with me on a full day of triathlon triathlon in Mallorca.
Ironman Frankfurt is coming up and I’ve finished some really good rides and swims. My biggest issue is still the running. But it’s finally getting better. I’ll try to do another Frankfurt Ironman prep video before the race!

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See you!

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DooM Toni | El TLV

love your vids dude keep pushing!!

When you fill up your water during your rides, what do you do with your bike? Do you have a riding mate who watches your bike or do you just hope for the best?

The Cat, awww 😉 Nice Vids, watching them on my spinning bike. Keep em coming, thanks and good luck for Frankfurt!

Great vid!! I love u and Jasper’s channel!!

those bottle cages look tight, no bottles coming off like mine came flying off on my first 70.3

Keep it up buddy

Thanks for sharing! Subscribed!

Wow what a beautiful place

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