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Freestyle Stroke Analysis: Pro Triathlete Scott Neyedli

http://www.swimsmooth.com Find out how one of the fastest Pro Triathletes swims so quickly. Swim Smooth’s Paul Newsome takes a close up look at Scott Neyedli’s stroke technique above and below the water.

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how many strokes per minute is he swiming? This looks like a pretty high stroke rate to me.

I wonder how many of the people dissing Scott Neyedli’s swimming here have ever completed a 140.6 Ironman?

1.10 per 100 is a world record? ha i could float faster.

floppythelilbunny hehe

A shoulder stroke is not for everyone. Its also important to note hes only 1.71m. That means, he needs to keep up his stroke rate or he will never compete. Best of luck, I think its best to encourage Scott to get into a hip stroke or he will suffer shoulder issues for the next couple years when he gets past 40.

I’m not an expert, but I noticed that he is looking forward too much, and his catch is a little late. I realized recently that I could achieve a good high elbow catch by looking almost straight down at the bottom of the pool. I suppose this rule can be broken (as Ian Thorpe does) if you have particularly flexible shoulders.

If I kicked like that I’d be gassed in 200 yards.

triathlons are for American pussies. Real stars do open-water.

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