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Free and Easy Way to Measure Your Triathlon Training Progress with the MAF Test

How to Measure Your Triathlon Training Progress with the Easy MAF Test. A guide on how to perform MAF testing and track the results so triathletes can measure their speed progress over the triathlon training season.

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In laymans term can we say that this method needs you to spend more mileage in easy efforts? There are tons of terms /methods you can read online. MAF, fat adaptive efforts…etc., one thing in common in each methods, you need to excercise longer in easy effort. Terms of excercise these days complicate things including diet 😉 and there too many people getting into it.

Slow is Faaaaaaaaaaaast

What is your temperature in there? Do you have a special seat? My seat hurts my sit bones.

Blackfriday-deals video?

Виктор Новосад

Yeah, 180 – age, one size fits all) Lionel Sanders has MAF hr around 145? And his max hr is like 140 lol

Man those hats look goofy. What is the history behind them?

Why I can’t find the link to the maf test?

Do you start the time/distance at the point where your HR gets to MAF? Or do you start, then, say a mile into it you get to MAF, then just stay there for remainder. Seems like you might get halfway done with the mileage by time you get to MAF…..

Been doing MAF “ish” for awhile now…. works….but it now takes me forever to even get to MAF HR…….but if I start faster to get it to my number, much harder to keep rate consistent.

Thanks for the clear explanation for all this. Off to start low heart rate training for the first time!

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