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Eric Lagerstrom Makes Triathlons Fun Again | Solstice Sessions

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Run. Bike. Swim. Combine the three sports and you’ve got yourself a classic triathlon. Many men and women dedicate their lives to this rigorous tri-sport adventure, competing in race after race to shave seconds off their PR…but sometimes it’s easy to forget how epic these races can be without the pressure of the clock!

Professional triathlete Eric Lagerstrom knows how to keep it fun between the competition, so click play and join him on an epic adventure tour through Oregon, triathlon style.

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Comments (9)

I stopped caring about timing, place, training plans, metrics and now just focus on what I call my story or my experience. I think it would be cool if more of us simply did the race “our way” forgetting about everyone’s judgement and just experiencing the event for ourselves. What we define is up to us.

Crown Point Highway! Sadly Multnomah Falls is closed currently due to the wildfires last August

He makes it sound easy the part where he rides his cycle uphill is what I like the best about the video

Or you can just go do an Xterra

Now try doing it in Stoke on Trent on a wet Wednesday evening.

Anyone have details on his buddy’s kit at 3:00? Helmet and ‘jersey’?

This totally changed my perspective of Triathlon. Coming from a biking background, the “suffer fest” is pretty much real, but at the end of the day, I got to admit it feels motherfucking satisfactory to complete a hard long ride.

Absolutely awesome video

2:38 That looks like a nice spot to get in rhythm with the water.

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