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EFFORTLESS SWIMMING triathlon swim technique ANALYSIS

Effortless Swimming is one of the biggest swimming technique YouTube channels in the world, Brent from Effortless Swimming specializes in swim technique analysis for amateurs and elite swimmers and Triathlon Taren swimming video is review by Effortless Swimming in this video.

Effortless Swimming Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/EffortlessSwimming

Subscribe to Triathlon Taren: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1AKDrz2GvLxD29W9tow66g?sub_confirmation=1

View the Best of Triathlon Taren: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRjgPeZGj8U&list=PL_mMJdHlxQ3v2T8qP734UmCWIsYg14CU0

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thanks a lot for sharing the advice

I understand your pain and confusion Taren with the advice from ES vs T26 with respect to extend more vs get into the catch sooner and soft hands vs good hand tone – you could do worse than watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSWlQvyBnzY&feature=youtu.be (and read supporting article: http://www.feelforthewater.com/2016/01/is-your-elbow-really-dropped-or-is-it.html) to see exactly what your stroke needs at the front to ensure you’re a) into the catch better with a higher *relative* elbow as Ger has told you, b) maintaining better rhythm and tempo, c) truly developing an effective stroke for open water swimming…soft hands and more reach won’t help you with that (and will be further counter-productive to your swimming development and removing the catch-up that you know you have). There’s a reason people plateau at 1:40/100m and the front of your stroke is a prime example of that, but that doesn’t need to be the case. My 2-cents (FWIW) is to stick with Gerry’s advice and have a quick review of the video analysis above to help you on your way to tuning this up properly.

Love this – such a great video 🙂 I have vastly improved my swimming using various youtube videos (IM swim 1:52 now down to 1:24) so all content much appreciated. Best of luck this season!!

I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable in the water w/ the help of your videos……

I’m a lucky fella because I’m getting instruction from the pair of you via YouTube ! Just like to say, you are doing an amazing job, I stumbled across your channel by chance. At 44 years old and a Novice to it all but excited to do my first Triathlon this summer using the knowledge I have gained. Thanks from here in South Wales UK, who gave you a thumbs down?? Phelps, don’t understand, keep up the good work, maybe a trip to Wales to do Tenby Ironman which is now on the list for next year thanks to you guy’s. Big love thanks Dustin.

Well, a flash back for me to find this. I was trying to see if you had done a review on swim fins, similar to the ones on the hand paddles. I remember looking at this clip and noticing that you have ‘runner’s foot’ when kicking. This, to me is having about a 10 to 20 degree flex in your ankle on your down/front side kick. Probably the most common thing I see that needs correction for about 90% or the swimmers I see in pools. As one who doesn’t have over cooked spaghetti noodles for tendons and ligaments, when my toes are pointed as much as I can, I will get to about 180 degrees, or in a straight line with my shin. I recently discovered how much going pigeon toed, which uses that sloping outside surface of your foot to generate thrust, helps your kick, since i don’t have ‘Olympic’ ankles that hyper extend. Took my time for a 1 lap/50 yard kick from almost 2 minutes to about 1:30 in about 2 months. So, looking at the various swim fins, they are almost made for either foot, and make it difficult to pronate. Any comments????

Hey I’ve really gotten in to both you’re and Brent’s channel for improving my swim and Tri. I’ve always swam in a yard pool. When speaking 1:30 per 100 I’m assuming you mean 100m not yards.

Thank you so much

This is really an excellent video. Amazing it can be viewed free of charge. Thanks!

Aaaaaaand. A very cool Taren!

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