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Doping & Drafting Problems In Triathlon! | The GTN Show Ep. 105

There have been a couple of notable stories this past week, prompting us to broach the controversial topic of cheating. It’s not all negative, as we’ve got some rather impressive racing stats from Joe Skipper, race news, your pictures and caption comp!

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In episode 105 of the GTN show:
– Three cases of doping
– Is drafting becoming a bigger issue in triathlon events?
– Poll
– Do you still train indoors during summer months? The results of last weeks poll are in!
– Pro Joe Skipper takes on an epic 12 time trial challenge
– Triathlon News
– Alistair Brownlee to race in Ireland…again!
– Race News
– Jan Frodeno back in action
– Your pictures
– Caption comp!

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Global Triathlon Network

What do you think should be done about drafting in triathlon? Don’t forget to enter the poll and leave us a comment!

Allow drafting for 2/3 of the distance and the last 1/3 non-drafting

joe skipper is a monster – congrats to him on that feat.

re: the drafting – they should space out the start waves more than they do. passing dozens of people going just a little bit slower than you gets exhausting and taxing.

Caption: Always check the tire pressure while putting on the helmet!

I would never intentionally draft and I have to admit it was one of my main worries going into my last 70.3 (still a newbie) – what if I couldn’t avoid it? Sure enough it was bloody tough to avoid, I did my best but that sometimes meant having to do a big effort to overtake a number of bunched up people – and then there was a substantial amount of blocking on narrow parts making that hard too.
Wave starts are good and bad. Often (not always) uber bikers are not so good at the swim and vice versa – uber swimmers not as good on the bike so you definitely end up with bunching using this method. But then as a newbie I found it a much better way to safely swim – and I guess safety is the main priority anyway.

A lot of drafting is unintentional. There are far too many people on the bike courses in a lot of races. The problem is when you are cycling along and another athlete passes you… you slow down and drop out of the draft zone. However in the process of slowing down more athletes pass so you slow down again and drop out of the draft zone again. You might as well come to a stop because this will keep on happening over and over. A lot of athletes try to avoid this and try to put in big efforts to get to the front so they are not drafting. This creates little bunches along the course with everyone battling to be out in front. Reducing the number of competitors in races will definitely help. If you want to avoid it altogether just make sure you are one of the first out of the water!

Caption: Just a Hop, Skip & a Jump and I’m out of the wetsuit”

Caption: “heeeeeeyyyy Macarena!”

Have sharp shooters on course to shoot the drafters.

Regarding drafting, if you have too many people on the course what to do? You hold back and surely you get caught by people behind you?

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