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Does Fasted Exercise Actually Work? | The GTN Show Ep. 120

On this weeks GTN Show we’re investigating research into fasted exercise to see if it really improves performance! We also race and triathlon news as Roger Federer joins forces with On Running! We check out your pics, & we announce the winners of the Assos Equipe Unboxing!

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On episode 120 of the GTN Show:
– Are fasted workouts actually good for you?
– Did you guys think Ali Brownlee will make the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the results of last weeks poll!
– We announce the winners of the Assos Equipe Unboxing!
– Update from Heather on her Zwift Academy journey!
– Roger Federer joins up with On Running!
– Triathlon news
– Pro cyclists that run?!
– Heaps of race news
– Some amazing Pain Caves in your photos!

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Comments (9)

Can you explain why when fasting i still can run about 15km easy but when playing in playground with my son i feel so so so tired

I follow a high carb low fat diet but have always done majority of my Monday to Friday morning workouts fasted…except key power/speed sessions that go over an hour

Caption comp:

“I’m Popeye the swimrun man”
“I’m Popeye the swimrun fan”
“I’m strong to the finish”
“Cause I eats me spinach”
“I’m Popeye the swimrun man”

How often should you do fasted sessions to get the benefit? I do one fasted bike session Z2 c. 75mins each week – is this enough to be worthwhile?

How much further to the spinach?

Caption: When you run fasted too early and you are about to give birth after 2min 🙁

Caption: All together now…. “we’re strong to the finish cos’ we’re all full of spinach on Popeye’s Maltese Ironman…. toot toot!” Uck, uck, uck, uck, uck.

Hmmm….delving a little deeper into the evidence, there’s little to show that performance benefits. Small-sample sizes, short-duration studies that are insufficient to make any conclusive training/performance inferences. I’ll stick to breakfast.

Yes fasted state works. This is NOT new info, as for sure 45 years ago, it was being taught in University. Still good to find out about newer studies. 🙂

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