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Do You Use The 3 Stages of Post-Race Triathlon Recovery?

Here’s what to do after racing a triathlon to make sure that you’re recovering properly, actually using the race to get faster, and getting ready for the next triathlon you’re racing in without risk of getting sick, injured, or overtrained.

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nice video, thanks Taren 🙂

Perfect timing… did my first half iron man today and was just asking how to proceed with the training in the next days/weeks 🙂 Thanks!

Perfect timing, just finished a triathalon trilogy this am, second is next month. Thanks!!

Thanks Taren, very helpful. Quick question, I’m heading to your country later this week for the Mont Tremblant 70.3 – but I also want to run the the Delaware, Ohio 70.3 (drivable for me) which would be 5 weeks later. In your experience, is that too soon?

Cool racing video. Keep it up fam.

IDK if this is triathlon related I just wanna ask do AirPods fall when you run or bike?

I wish you made this video 2 weeks ago…. I had a race last week and i think i´m pushing myself too hard this week. I´m going to slow myself a bit down, getting ready for the Hamburg Wasser World Triathlon on July 6. But anyway…. Tanks for supporting us in such a special way and good luck for challenge Roth, Taren!

Hi Taren, I know this is not the ideal forum for fielding questions, but I’m hoping you get this. It would be awesome if you could do a video on how you were able to get into Challenge Roth or share the process for mere mortals to get in? It sounds like it’s very difficult. The site is (obviously) different than Ironman and there’s Voucher codes and secret handshakes and all sorts of other stuff you need to do in order to get in. Would be much appreciated. Plus, I’ve heard that it sells out within minutes. I really want to do this race, but it looks like it’ll be at least 2 years from now if I’m lucky. Thanks!

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