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Disc Wheel VS Deep Section Wheel Test Results

Disc Wheel VS Deep Section Wheel Test Results. Testing the time and power difference between using a disc wheel and a deep section wheel to determine if triathletes should choose to race with a disc wheel. Also, what triathletes should consider when making the decision to use a disc wheel.


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Top tip – you don’t need to use the chain whip to tighten the cassette!

Apostolis Tourkampis

Hi Taren great work.
I think you are wrong with your calculations. NP is an “invention” of Training Peaks in order to measure your training effort. It’s not an indicator of how fast you will go.
If check again your low wattage session, you will see that you are comparing 175 vs 165 avg power. That gives you the logical result to be slower with 165 avg power.

barefoot dog walker

super strong fingers if you think you can remove a casset with your fingers

Taren, NP is not avg power. You’re better than this.

225 watts is not 40 km/h but disc was better than deep section. Could you please clarify that? GREAT video !

If Ned Flanders did triathlon

Well, some viewers already commented not to mix up NP and avg. Pwr.  And you should have done more repetitions for each power level and direction to equalize influences like wind by passing cars and natural wind. Also if the race course has some gentle descents that allow you to pedal instead of braking, you will profit from increased aerodynamics even though you are not averaging 225 Watts.Still, a disc wheel might not be the first piece of kit that a new triathlete needs.In my own case, I have started with a deep section back wheel and have ordered a disc wheel now.

Constructive criticism: not sure you understand the concept of normalized power. As other have mentioned, this exercise would have been great if you would have used average power instead. Also, the effect of cars passing you will skew your results.

The best option would be a light wheel cover like an Aerojacket. There is no weight penalty like with a disc. It’s the fastest option.

You should have been measuring Average Power and not Normalized Power. We want to measure the bike/wheel results and remove you from the power figures. Also, do lots of runs to get a consistent results, and get away from the cars. They blow you all over and can help or hinder your test. This should be no problem, just run the test again matching AVP instead of NP. Intresting results through..

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