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A glimpse into my life as a pro triathlete…

How do you spend your days?! Let me know down in the comments!

Watch my ‘How I Became a Professional Triathlete’ video:

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what a nice channel thanks for motivation. Have a nice day !!

Bres Ironman Journey

You give me life watching you!! I needed some nutrition tips! New to the vlog and I love the content! I’m taking on my first full IM in Nov this year and I started my own vlog. Check it out if you wanna follow along. https://youtu.be/T6I3_v6W8OI

Do you have a post about how you shop..I know college athletes have unlimited meal plan, but how do you get by buying all that healthy food now!? I am a college runner with a summer job, but during the season I probably won’t in Chattanooga.

Thank you for making something intimidating approachable. I really appreciate your positivity and good cheer!

This girl is high energy so cool what she said about everyone has pretty much different training journeys.. it’s spot on… just like our eating and our foods we enjoy… our bodies need certain training methods that we as individuals enjoy… like a routine or a sport or activity everyone says go to the gym or go for a run… but your activity u enjoy can be biking or walking or kayaking or skateboarding for example what you like is what you ought to do… we have to be focused and not be so concerned or comparable to others…like it’s a good mentality for a athlete for if they want to overcome and excel some of there obstacles… n e way… I dig this video so awesome thanks for the encouraging words and your personality!

love you! Love your humour! love your message! x

this is awesome!

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