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Choosing the Right Triathlon Bike Saddle

Triathlon bikes have unique requirements to fit triathletes properly and provide a comfortable ride free of saddle sores when triathletes get down in the aero triathlon bike position. Triathlon Taren unboxes some COBB Saddles and discusses some of the decision factors that triathletes need to consider when selecting a saddle for their tri bike.

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Looking forward to the lady version of this

On your next saddle video, it would be cool if you can include tips on proper height and positioning. I love that Cobb include the rear bottle and tool bag into one unit and I love their M. design too. I’ve been happy with my San Marco Selle saddle but I’m always open for new designs as well. Thanks Taren.

Lady version, yes, please!

Hey Taren I’m trying to build my own tri bike and I was wondering if you had any extra split nose saddles? Thanks

Hey Taren I was wondering which is a good saddle to be used with mini tt bars on a road bike?

Man this guy is awesome. Kept me strong watching the videos whilst in recovery and now back in the saddle. Thanks Taren

Never cut towards yourself, always slice outwards away from yourself.

Hey Taren I was just wondering what width saddle I should get if my sit bone width is 110mm?

I would be inteyrested in whether you think Rak- it would help make my transition faster – I found it at http://www.tri-trained.co.uk/store/p2/Rak~it.html

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