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Challenge Roth Pre Race Thoughts (and fears)

Challenge Roth Pre Race Thoughts (and fears). Arriving in Germany for Challenge Roth and discussing travel plans, preparation and expectations. A Trainiac meet-up at the Sporcks booth, setting up the Ventum One, a triathlon bike training ride with Reece Barclay and a pre-race run with Lucy Charles.

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Everytime I watch one of your videos I then get off my butt and go do something. Good luck.

SOOOOOOOO happy for you to make those who doubted you eat their own words, and impressed that you didn’t take the opportunity to rub their noses in in their own shit. Good, positive vibes all around braddah. Keep ignoring those haters and stuffy shirt types, and keep hanging with the cool peeps as you do your thing.

An Ironman Journey

How did it go? I hope that you cracked the 10h and more importantly, if you had a good race! All the best triathlontaren.

Aloha Dude, saw you yesterday running your way along the channel, you were looking focused&strong. Hope you had some good final 30 km…

have a good race T bird

Way to go Taren. Your live times were out all race. Thought you’d dropped. So happy to see you didn’t.

I have yet to do a full Ironman. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Taren. I hope you had a good race. Cheers!

You are awesome! So genuine and down to earth with your fears! That anxiety and fear is what motives!

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