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Beginner Triathlon Training Plan: Just one Workout a Day for Any Distance

Beginner Triathlon Training Plan Just one Workout a Day. How to fit 8 workouts into a work and how to schedule swim, bike and run workouts depending on which discipline triathletes are focusing on.


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Hey taren. How would I fit in 2x crossfit session a week . Usually ita a Monday and a Wednesday or Monday and Thursday. Looking at the 7 sessions week for triathlon plus 2 CF sessions. Thanks

Hey Taren! How do I know if I should be a swim, bike or run focus athlete? Love your channel!

Francesco Bonfiglioli

What you mean with strengh? Thanks!

Can one download this spreadsheet anywhere?

Tegan Elizabeth Smith

What a cute sweet dog! Just wants to go for a little swim♡

I don’t know whether you have a full time job, or building your brand takes that huge amount of time (I assume it does), but why do train “””only””” 8 times a week?

Do you have an off season strength training plan?

Quality vs Quantity, I agree.

Its funny how he quit even reading or responding to the comments because of all the trolls.

Very good Video! A guy in my tri club finished a full IM with only avg. 8 hours/week due to family and job reasons. His finishing time was not brilliant but he did it. Hence structure beats sheer volume! And I think this is also true also for more advanced or ambitious athletes: assumed there is enough time for training, the challenge is how to structure the training so training stress and recovery are well balanced.

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