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BEGINNER TRIATHLON MISTAKES | What I did wrong on my first triathlons

The three biggest beginner triathlon mistakes I made on the swim, bike, and run, as well as a few smaller mistakes at the end! These tips for beginner triathletes will help make your first triathlon enjoyable and successful!

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JustinDoesTriathlon is dedicated to helping first timers, beginners, and intermediate triathletes meet their athletic goals on the swim, bike, and run! Follow along my training vlog as I train and race. Stick around for gear tips, gear reviews, and more! If you’re a beginner triathlete looking to improve your swimming, biking, or running, then it’s my mission to help you out! Triathlon can be super intimidating, but it’s a great sport if you can get through that initial intimidation and get out there. Triathlon gear reviews, training tips, and my own racing vlogs are here to help keep you motivated and up to date in the sport. Thanks for following!

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What was the biggest mistake you made when you started getting into triathlon? Biggest tip?

Nice talk, I made many of those mistakes one more tip is you don’t have to get all pro mounting and dismounting your bike you won’t save much time and it can end badly.


Thanks for the great tips especially taking a photo of your gear before packing.

do you wear contact lenses when doing a triathlon, and if so, how is it?

Parfait, merci de ces conseils ! Perfect, thanks for these tips

Have you ever thought of a aerodynamic helmet.If so what are your thoughts on them?

Thanks for all the info! Doing my first triathlon, a sprint, on the 11th!

Good stuff doing my first triathlon June 30th it’s Olympic distance is it better to use cycling shoes or could I just use my running shoes for the bike

Thinking about doing a triathlon in the future, but coming from a running background my biggest mistake was to tight shoes/not short enough to nails. Having them fall off is not a nice experience! Thanks for great content Justin

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