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Are You Ironman Ready? | Triathlon Training Explained

Are you Ironman ready? It’s a question we all ask ourselves – especially if your thinking about entering your first one! Mark is here to help you weigh up the big decision!

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Triathlon has blown up over the past decade, more and more people are getting stuck into the sport and completing their first triathlon. But it’s the ‘IRONMAN’ distance that is the benchmark to so many people.

Doing an Ironman is a huge feat, but before you sign yourself up you may be wondering whether you actually have the time, ability, and resources to take it on in the first place. So, today we’re going to run you through the things to expect when you’re getting ready for an Ironman.

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I’ve recently read in a very good book about endurance training/lifestyle that back in the day, one of the authors, Mark Sisson, had to pay 85$ to enter Ironman Hawaii. Hahahahahahaha

As an 18 year old IM Finisher, I can safely say it was the hardest year of my life. 11 months of training, hours away from family, friends and school. It was all worth every minute!

I don’t know how to feel about the hours spent, I do that amount of hours and I only train for Sprint’s

Join a triathlon club and do a race that other members are doing. It is so much more fun to have a crew to do a race with. training with them and racing with them creates some of the best friendships about it.

How many are fit enough to finish in under 17hours within 2 weeks?

Money is the big deal for me…

Not yet… but I am working on it.

Going with friends and sharing the costs helps too.

I would love to see a video on You GTN guys. How do you fit in training, work and family all together? Awesome Show!

Cheeky – I see you’ve multiplied all the actual costs by 10 for this video 😛

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