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Amazing final WTS Cozumel Brownlee vs Mola | Triathlon

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Comments (10)

why does the one finished first get so hyped ? he just won cause the other one picked up his brother who was first? nothing to be proud of then say fuck them im the best ^^

fuck the medal LOVE is the best medal in this world

fe en la humanidad restaurada o por los menos en los atletas jaja
faith in humanity restored o at least the atlets jaja


No respect from the winner! What a A-hole

Now imagine if the runner who pushed him over the line for 2nd place would NOT have been his brother.

is it only me who thinks it looks somewhat fake? like a publicity stunt or something? his eyes and gaze and general awareness are not those of somebody fainting… idk maybe a doc woul know better

literally no one remembers who actually won that race. All people remember are two brothers.

I got you Bro…calling my brother…

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