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A Day in Every Triathlete’s Life

Triathlon training makes for some funny days as a hard training triathlete, so let’s have some comedy and poke fun at our triathlon-filled lives. Taren takes you through what goes on in the mind throughout the day of every triathlete.

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In this video Taren makes fun of triathletes and how we spend each and every day struggling with how to stay motivated, but we appear to look tough on Instagram and social media. Almost every triathlete gets up so early and struggles to get to the pool for the morning swim, then is always afraid of the cold water. After swimming triathletes are always starving and eat a huge amount of food. Triathletes also always get asked if they did the triathlon in Kona, the Ironman Hawaii Triathlon World Championship, and it’s funny because people who don’t do triathlons think that that is really the only important triathlon in the world. Triathletes will almost always go to bed early because the triathlon training day always makes them so tired.

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Lol! Good video

Me to my sister: I’ve been watching these triathlon videos by this guy named Taren on YouTube. Have you heard of him?
My sister: No.
Me: I think he doesn’t do Ironmans. I think he sticks to Olympics and Half-Ironmans.
My sister: He probably wants to save his marriage.

So true! Love it!

You should totally do an updated version of this. LMAO

Love this


Hahahaha… So many of these are becoming reality for me!

Dude that was LMAO funny and so true

Your old videos are still good! They are my go to vids when i am sooo bored, always give me a laugh! Edit: a +1 for NTK!

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