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6 Weeks Out From My First Ironman Triathlon | Ironman Prep

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I’ve trained like a bodybuilder/ power lifter all my life and after watching David Goggins I’ve been so interested in doing things that I hate ( running/ swimming/ biking). Now that I see you doing this I really want to give it a try in the future. Embrace the suck! Kill it at the Iron Man brother.

Couldn’t agree more with you in the sleep and i can attest to the 4hrs of sleep and keep it moving.

I won’t be here to watch the iron man video I’ll be at boot camp 🙁

First, when I saw you taking a Q&A, I thought you are the one who should be asking actual triathletes questions… No, not from Teran. Who ,while a decent person, Teran is a marketer, he sells triathlon, but he doesn’t actually mentor triathletes. There is nothing wrong with Teran’s making money, but he really is a more focused on selling than teaching. You need a real swim coach, and one who specializes in endurance swimming, and you need to join a group of triathletes on rides and runs, learn from them. Most triathletes are very willing to help folks in the sport.

I’ve loved every video of this series. It’s incredible how much you motivate us

Found your channel a couple weeks ago. Picked up some BPN products (luv the Super Greens) and I will be signing up for the Austin marathon. Training started this past week. See u all there and keep up the hard work.

Yes, it is different, but training in the lake is even better than training in a pool. I am part of a team which participates in this type of detrimental events, some do triathlon, ironman, marathons, ultratrail we are from Bogotá Colombia, the sea is quite far from the city, we train in a lake and believe me we have very high level athletes trained in a lake.

He talking about the same ultra races that Goggins does?

Nick Stay Strong Hoo-ah!

Literally feel like we’re going after the same stuff lol. When I was training for my first marathon you were too. When I was training for my first triathlon you were (are) too and my big goal for 2020 is an ultra marathon.

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