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Welcome back everyone! In this video I don’t just answer two questions you have asked but also offer 5 of my top tips for winter training. I do have to say sorry for the late upload- my WiFi decided to be worse than normal and took me 4hrs to upload ­čÖü

Never the less, I hope you enjoy the video and gain some knowledge from my tips. As always I would love it if you had the time to leave a comment, like, share and subscribe if you haven’t done already.

One of the next videos for you lot to look forward to will be a ‘Training Day’ video with a good friend of mine and fellow Professional Triathlete Sam Pictor.

For now, I hope you enjoy the video and the rest of your evening!
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Thanks a lot for this “Phase”-Structure. Im at the moment just in the Prep Phase but on the 14th Dec I’ll start the real training for my first 70.3 in August. Aiming for a Sub5h, lets see how it will work out ­čśÇ Great Videos mate, keep on doing!

Super video, thanks for the tips. Will be really helpful for myself being a student with a half IM coming up next year!

Great videos Harry, keep it up and good luck in your winter training. What races do you have in mind for next year?

Id love for you to make a video talking avout the races your thinking about doing in 2020, your goals for 2020 if it is to get to x pace for the swim or get x place in a race and another video or in the same one if you have any dream races?

Great vid. I didn’t see the tip about where you fit in the ketchup into the weekly training.

Can you do a video on what an entire workout week looks like for you?

Very nice content. Looks very cool. Thank you for your Insights.

Great video Harry, if you could please do another video “100 triathlon tips” because I really need them ­čśÇ

Great Video mate! Thanks for answering my question, appreciate it!

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