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5 Tips To Prepare For A Hilly Bike Course | Cycling Advice For Triathlon

A hilly bike course is enough to strike fear into any triathlete preparing for their next race, so what can be done to be ready? Given that GTN HQ is surrounded by some brutal climbs we sent Fraser out to explore the subject!

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A hilly bike course is enough to strike fear into any triathlete preparing for their next race, so what can be done to be ready?

So to keep things simple, we’ve put together five of our go-to tips that we reckon will get you through a hilly ride more efficiently!

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Global Triathlon Network

What is your bike of choice on a hilly course? Let us know!

My road bike is a converted commuter and weighs much much more than my tt bike, so I always use the tri bike

I changed my cassette for a 32 about a month ago and it makes a huge difference. I would definitely recommend it.

Seems like good ol’ Fraser has a new SpeedMax. Good choice :]

I’d like to see a video on the benefits of an aero bottle with a straw vs a traditional water bottle in a frame cage. I’m only doing sprint tri’s and I need to ensure I’m hydrated the run. But, I’m riding a road bike with a number of hills on my local course, and there’s hardly a good time to grab my bottle to take a drink without losing a few seconds here and there – especially since I’m definitely no pro, So while it’s getting easier and easier to do, I know it’s probably losing me time. How much time am I actually losing every time I reach down to grab my bottle and put it back? Is it worth the cost of buying a fancy mounted bottle or at least adding a cap with a straw to my current bottle?

That brought back memories of Wimbleball 2008 / 2012. Quite a brutal 2 laps which as I remember Fraser and Mark completed somewhat quicker than I did. I did manage to ride all the way with numerous walking up the steepest sections. Compact 34 with 29 cassette on road bike with clip on bars.

What about pacing? Is it better/faster to hold an even wattage up and downhill or is it better to go harder uphill (110-120% FTP?) and rest downhill (80-90% FTP?)? Thanks!

Cool enjoyed it… My preference is a tri bike on a hilly race because I’m so slow climbing… Tryed the Mallorca race several times on road and tri bikes and tri bike helps me beat the sea breeze which I always meet head on…

Triathlon bike. UNLESS you plan to win the 2019 70.3 WC and your name is Gustav

I only have a xc bike with a 14-34 freewheel but Friday is new bike day and ill be using a giant contend 3 with a 11-34 cassette for road rides after that

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