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3 Steps to Make Sure You Don’t Choose the Wrong Triathlon Distance…Even if you’re a beginner

3 Steps to Choose the Best Distance Triathlon training plan For You even if you’re a beginner. Are you ready to race a full Ironman? Some things to consider about your fitness, time and passion when choosing a race distance to start training for.

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what’s a resistant starch?

Hi Taren, it’s getting chilly here too. Could you let me know the brand of your beanie, neck warmer and jacket? I’m just starting to run in the cold and need to gear up. Thank you for your very informative channel.

Muskoka 70.3 will be my first. Your videos/podcast are already helping.

How did you know you weren’t absorbing nutrients well?

How did no one else notice the sweet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mittens in the beginning of this video. 🙂

Hahaha was that a trailer park boys reference? Two birds stoned at one time…

Remember that race you did and had to go to medical at the finish?

Start at 5:22

Hi Taren Have you thought about using running power? Could you do a video on running power sensors? Garmin provides the data with 945 and pod or hRM strap? Or stryd pod?

A few days ago tried to do 3x1K in cold weather (0C), just to check my running legs, it was a bad idea… Barely managed 4.15 per K pace, in summer 3.50 to 3.55 at the same effort… The leg just don’t work in cold no matter whether you “warm up” or not. Cannot blame off-season since I still can do this workout at 16+ kph on treadmill

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