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3 Must Have Triathlon Swimming Pool Toys

These three must have triathlon swimming pool toys will help any triathlete become a faster and better swimmer. Ironman triathletes will also love this murderous triathlon swim training set.

Pull Buoy: https://goo.gl/YJWktd
Ankle Band: https://goo.gl/UXcFtd
Freestyle Snorkel: https://goo.gl/Bxxlti

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Just out of curiosity.. what was the fourth thing you were going to put a plug in for? Alas my pool no longer allows us to use paddles and snorkel.. I think fins are still allowed.

You use the metric system for everything and then for temperature you use fahrenheit. You funny Canadians! 😀

(I seriously thought it was -30 °C over there the past few weeks.)

When you were hanging on the side of the pool, you looked like you wanted to pass out. I also thought you were covering up the mold. Haha. I cannot do the snorkel. I tried once, I breathed in a crap ton of water through my nose. I thought I was going to die, it was awful. I suppose I should use a noseclip, but I never learned to swim that way and it’s also rather awful. Wow, I sound whiny! Tips welcome, sorry for the whiny sound.

Hey Taren, where can I get a sweet Roka bag like that?

Heads up: linked leg band isn’t available from ye olds Amazon right now.

So I got some new toys for my birthday, including the snorkel. Couldn’t believe my ears when the lifeguard told me that snorkels were banned. The reason being “some people don’t know how to use em, and they stop you from looking where you’re going”. Umm well when I’m doing front crawl, my eyes are either pointing downwards or out to the side so I’m not really looking forward anyway. He also told me that most pools in town had the same policy. What a waste of money that was!

Thank you for the feedback! Don’t be too confident going into my first half ironman. I will keep you guys updated on my journey. ( Ps Sorry about responding back to another video. I was looking for your response on another video for 30 MINS! So, I gave up and just commented on another video instead sorry,)

Thanks for the tips

Our pool does not allow snorkels except on coached sessions, even when lanes are in place. Also, fins are permitted in lanes when is use during public sessions, but only if nobody else is in the lane at the same time. Not exactly encouraging. Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Land of the fat unfit.

Do you talk about Tempo Timers anywhere? I’m a new subscriber – hi!

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