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2019 Ironman World Championship: Run Course Tour on Ali’i Drive

2019 Ironman World Championship: Run Course Tour on Ali’i Drive. Day one on the Big Island for the 2019 Ironman World Championship. A tour of the run course in town on Ali’i Drive and what viewers can expect from Triathlon Taren leading up to the race. Also, Jocelyn Mccauley describes the experience of the run portion of the race and what makes it so famously challenging.


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When you get paid to have a holiday. Now that’s living!

Where did you get the place? AirBnB? Booking? Something else? Thx.

Taren are you seriously filming with 1 hand and driving with the other at 11:30 ? how disrespectful can you be, this is how cyclists get fucking killed…

Really enjoyed this video – thanks for giving us a tour!

You should have done Nice 70.3 WC as a prelude to Kona!

Great video! Good job bringing us a taste of Kona

I envy You !! BTW what’s the brand of your sunglasses? Thanks

Cam Wurf has improved a lot on the run and i had him on the podium for Kona, but i think doing an Ironman a few weeks before Kona and a fast one at that will surely be detrimental to his performance.

Hans Schenker bei Google

Taren there is some extra belly fat man!!

My teacher eyeball is twitching. On the shot going up the stairs, they used the wrong “your.” Really awesome content! Going to be stalking the channel for sure!!

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