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2019 Ironman World Championship Predictions

2019 Ironman World Championship Predictions. A list of the top professional triathletes competing for a win in Kona this year including Daniela Ryf, Jan Frodeno, Patrick Lange and Lucy Charles. Also, predictions for newcomers like Laura Philipp and Alistair Brownlee as well as returning triathletes like Anne Haug, Lionel Sanders, Sebastian Kienle and Mirinda Carfrae.

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I think Franz Löschke is missing in the podium list, he is a unbelievable good runner and also well rounded athlete

Jan, Sebi, Alistair

This year is the start of a few years where the men are really going to be battling. Maybe a few Ironwar moments.
Ryf has to be the winner if fit.
But Annie Haug is a threat.

jan/sebe/lionel/tim/david m

Got to put Bart Aernots and Cam Wurf up there in the top 6 for sure!

Mirinda broke her radius so I think she’s going to lose too much time on the swim.

1. Beals
2. Frodeno
3. Lange
4. Kienle
5. Sanders
6. Aernauts
8. Wurf

1. Ryf
2. Charles
3. Siddall
4. Haug
5. Blymehl

What about Cam? Come on TT?????

Shame Shame Taren. What about Belgian Bart Aernouts? 2nd last year and previous top 10. Last years one the best runners in the field.

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