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10 Beginner Triathlete Equipment Essentials

Here are the 10 beginner triathlete essentials to get your list of triathlon gear set up. Triathlon Taren lists off the 10 items that every beginner triathlete should have in their stock of triathlon equipment.

Socket Rocket Goggles: http://geni.us/socketrockets
Jammer Swim Trunks: http://geni.us/tyrjammers
Pull Buoy: http://geni.us/speedopullbuoy
Helmet: http://geni.us/girohelmet
Triathlon Shorts: http://geni.us/tyrtrishorts
Cycling Jersey: http://geni.us/pearljersey
Clip on Aerobars: http://geni.us/triaerobars
Hoka Clifton 3: http://geni.us/clifton3
Running Watch: http://geni.us/beginnerwatch
Injury Prevention Kit: http://geni.us/injuryprevention

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Traen Thank you for your quick reply I would love to train with you I have a half I iron an in Lisbon may 7 and a full lake Placid July 23

Great info, thanks for the goggle tip!

barefoot runner here… no need for shoes =P

hey taren.. what are your thoughts about finger paddles? worth getting? will it improve my stroke technique?

Hey Taren, love the energy in your videos- really makes triathlon training feel doable for me!

I live in the New England area, and knowing you live in winter-peg, can you do a video touching on how you keep your spirits up in the nasty cold weather? also I would love to hear your tips on when/if you get sick how you tone down training or tricks you have to get better soon. how do you bounce back from taking time off from training when you’re sick?

thanks so much and happy training!!

In a sprint tri, do people usually wear tri shorts for the swim?

Great info for a beginner. As a physician that treats foot injuries, the Hoka is a shoe brand that gets high marks from my patients. The bit about the helmet fit is spot on. If the helmet doesn’t fit properly you will may not get its full protection if you fall and hit your head. Every weekend I see veteran riders with helmets and straps the do not fit correctly.

Hi there, Thanks for all your feeds. I am all signed up to my first triathlon.. sprint distance…in preparation for the Massive challenge of the Olympic distance (UK) in July this year. I started at 233lbs (16.7 ish stone UK) and have worked my way down to 205lbs… I have yet to start to link the sessions together… can you suggest the a good time to do this in the training is please? Have gone from fat bloke to …not so fat and am now in need of some advice please! Thanks in advance. James

Great and useful video 🙂

I feel handicapped as hell with a buoy. Snorkel ? Yes. Sometimes I just wanna do some sets focusing on technique and horizontal position. I also have a personal trainer in the gym ( I am doing 3 times per week weight training, focusing especially on core, stabilization and coordination exercises ). I go to a therapist once every 1-2 weeks to get a proper massage and some trigger point therapy. As a beginner myself I saw that daily swimming training was a very very good idea. Swimming improves your conditioning overall and provides the least amount of socks to your joints ( it’s almost none, in fact ). Also getting at least one long set on the bike ( 3 hours + ) each week is a must along with at least 1 short set ( 1 hour ). When biking, if you do it indoors, get a mirror to see your entire body. It will help a lot with correcting position and the rocking of your hips. For running I would do 2 sessions during a week. One is a session that would be sprints + hill running. The other is a steady run ( heart measurement ). Get in bed early, don’t fuck around staying up very late until after midnight. Eat lots of food, but not garbage ( sweets, alcohol, refined sugar, that kind of crap ). I would basically eat like 7 times a day ( 3 main meals, 4 snacks ) , about 3500-4000 calories.

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